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March 25th & 26th 2015 in the Fencing demonstration area at SIAFD Kirwee Canterbury

Battle of the Bangers is an inaugural fencing machinery demonstration event focused on New Zealand manufactured post drivers. Battle of the Bangers is being held within the South Island Agricultural Field Days (SIAFD) at their new property in Kirwee, Canterbury March 25th to 27th 2015.

























New Zealand post driver manufacturers offer the agricultural and civil sectors a wide range of brands which lead the market both domestically and internationally. New Zealand made post drivers also portray the strong heritage that New Zealand has played in the designing of products for the fencing industry, with every post driver representing many hours of local manufacturing labour, which in turn feeds into regional economies.


SIAFD are well known for their machinery demonstrations making these Field Days a natural choice to launch this event concept. The SIAFD organising committee have been extremely encouraging setting aside a prime fencing demonstration area which will host a number of fencing activities alongside Battle of the Bangers.



New Zealand fencers have a wide selection of New Zealand post driver brands to choose from. The Battle of the Bangers emphasis is on what the New Zealand post driver industry has to offer and is supportive of the role agricultural manufacturing sector play in many regional economies.


Depending on budget, purpose and preference model types  tend to fall under rear mount, side mount or rotation configurations. Battle of the Bangers showcases and focuses on each model and its merits with both an assessment and practical demonstrations in accordance to the base configurations taking place on the Wednesday and Thursday of SIAFD.At the time of going to print the following post drivers will be taking part in Battle of the Bangers.


In the rearmount division


  • Fence-pro will have their Fencepro Ultra G2 on rearshift, far side rock spike with 90mm spike, 300kg Block, 4.5m Hydraulic hinge mast.
  • With this region being “Taege country”, Taege have entered their Contractor model, with a hinged mast, heavy hammer, end and sliding shift combo and rock spike.


In the side mount division


  • Fence- pro will have their FencePro Ultra G3 on Sidemount 900, near side hydraulic turn rockspike system, 90mm rockspike, 350kg Block, 4.8m Hydraulic hinge mast.
  • Revolution Postdrivers have their Telescopic SS post driver with 900 mm sideshift, 900 mm for/aft, 330 kg hammer and auto 100 mm rock spike.


In the rotation division


  • Revolution Postdrivers will have their Telescopic 180 with 300 kg hammer, Auto Rock Spike kit.




With fence lines and posting conditions not always being ideal Battle of the Bangers is designed to reflect that. Whereas any fencer can breeze down an easy contoured straight fence line with soft going, the reality often differs. As you know even on the one job or in the vicinity of creating a paddock terrain, access, soil types can differ. Seasonal factors dictate access and how long it can take to drive posts with many around the country having to resort to Rock Spikes or Auger kits on their post drivers to get the posts in.

The practical posting component of Battle of the Bangers is not a race; rather it reflects the realities of fence line installation with a guide wire needing to be run and posting using No 2 Strainers, No 1 rounds and the Goldpine Superposts, which are rounded quarters. Posting is to be precise and accurate as dictated by any professional job. Rock spiking is a given on this stony and to date extremely dry Canterbury ground.


Posting takes place in 50 metre long by 8 metre wide laneways with exclusion zones around these laneways, reflecting the limited access often presented to fencers.


On the Friday of SIAFD the post drivers will be on hand for the public to look over. The posting installed during Battle of the Bangers will be used by the New Zealand Fencing Competitions (NZFC) fencing competition, which features many of the South Islands leading fencers.


Battle of the Bangers takes post driver demonstrations to a new level in the public arena. Please come along and enjoy the show. There is a public marquee and seating.


Download SIAFD Layout in PDF

Download Battle of the bangers in PDF





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